10 Basic Principles For Running Game

To clarify the title for this post, I’m not talking about running a good game to be a player and hurt people. That is not the intention of my blog. I’m talking about having a good talk track, having confidence, knowing some strategies, and being able to just play ball in the initial stages of dating. You have to at an early stage or else you’re going to get walked on, misled, or taken advantage of without even getting that far. Not what I want for people at all.

I was always told I was pretty good at the dating game. I stuck to my basic principles that I’ve learned and always kept chivalry alive of course. That is how I learned how to meet girls, have the experiences I’ve had, and now have an amazing wife to show for it.

Here are a few basic principles:

Make sure your confidence is up to par early when meeting people and also while dating them…Confidence is sexy and also addicting

• Be prepared for rejection and use it to fuel you not ruin you…a few no’s are only going to thicken up your skin

• Make them laugh…the more they laugh and smile because of you, the more they will be addicted in seeing you again

• Don’t make yourself so available too early…Keep people on their toes..You want people to stay wanting you

• Know your limits when reaching out to them…Just because they gave you their information doesn’t mean they rolled out the welcome mat to constantly try and get in touch with them…You will scare them away early!

• Don’t get too attached too early…It’s dating not marriage…Take your time

• For guys, always be a gentleman and make sure the women are always feeling that chivalry is not dead. Trust me it’s a lasting impression

• Always know how to flatter them but obviously be genuine about it…Nothing is better than being the one to make their day

• Always be attentive and a good listener as your starting to date

• Start everything off with honesty and keep it that way…there’s nothing worse than digging a hole for yourself

Those are a few simple principles that can be applied by both men and women. Always remember that everyone needs game, has to have game, and always needs to learn strategies for the game. Everything is casual in the beginning until there’s a reason for true emotion. It helps minimize getting hurt and you can’t blame people for that at all. Almost everyone dips their feet in the water before jumping in the deep end. Does that mean that nothing is taken serious? No…it just means that there are levels to the seriousness.

I know these principles are basic, but when people are dating and trying to find love, it’s very easy to lose track of yourself. Everyone always needs a reminder on how to bring things back to the basics and have casual fun early…I know I did.

What other basic principles did you make sure to take note of when you go out? Please share some input to help grow this list. There is never too much information to learn.


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