10 Qualities Of A True Gentleman


Why wouldn’t every man want to be labeled as a gentleman? One thing women think there isn’t enough of these days are gentlemen and it’s surprising when I often hear women say, “so chivalry is not dead,” after simple gestures. Being a gentleman always leaves a genuine lasting impression, so why not act the part? It’s these qualities that are sometimes forgotten and one of the main reasons why I created this blog.

I want to go quickly point out 2 definitions in case more clarification is needed:



Being chivalrous and being a gentleman go hand in hand and lead to the 10 qualities I am going to go through. My mother and father raised me right, it’s rewarded me greatly, and I’m just sharing. There’s no sense in being selfish right? These qualities always made women remember me as “that gentleman” and always made guys joke around and say, “you give the rest of us men a bad name.”

So let’s get to these 10 qualities:

Ladies first…for EVERYTHING
Let them sit down first, walk through the door first, order first, and etc. It’s a great way for you to show them that you respect them and that you are actually polite.

Open the door for them
Make sure they don’t have to do any of the manual labor when getting somewhere. Sure opening the door isn’t such a big deal, but it’s just another sign of respect and great manners.

Compliment them on small fine details
Ladies love when you notice things about them, but they love it even more if what you notice is something that no one else has. Great examples are their hair, a different style of clothing, the scent or their perfume, and also their nails when you’re holding their hand.

Jacket Etiquette
If you’re in jacket weather, take off and put on their jacket for them as needed. If they are cold and don’t have a jacket, give them yours. It helps them feel secure and pampered.

Never let a woman wait… For anything!
One thing I always try to do is avoid any situation where a woman waits. Not only does that sour up the day or night with them, but they will keep that moment brewing in the back of their memory. With the exception of certain things on special occasions, like gifts or surprised, never make them wait.

Walk her to wherever she is walking to
It doesn’t matter if it’s to her car, home, or back to work, just walk her. If she has anything other than her purse while on that walk, hold it for her.

Always be a good listener
Women love when a man shows that they pay attention. Make sure you’re not just nodding your head and saying “uh huh.” If there is a moment a woman asks you about something referencing your conversation from the day/night before, you better believe she will notice you weren’t paying attention.

Never interrupt her when she is talking
This backs up the quality of being a great listener too, but it also shows them that you care more about what she is saying than what is on your mind.

Make sure you introduce her to everyone
Always make them feel comfortable and welcome no matter where you are and with everyone there. There’s nothing worse than a woman who feels out of place while you’re trying to have a good time. She is there for you and to make a good impression for your world.

Order for them
Make small talk when you go out to eat. In that small talk, ask what they are planning to order. That way you can order for her.

Please keep in mind that some of these qualities are old-school, but old-school works. It takes women by surprise, makes them feel exceptional, and gives them something to remember. Like anything else in life, everything is always better when you bring it back to the basics. The other day, a friend of mine said, “yeah the mature gentlemen approach is something you don’t see very often anymore and it is what works.”

My list may seem pretty thorough, but like anything else, there’s always more to add. What other qualities do you men do? How about you ladies? What qualities makes you say “damn this guy is a true gentleman!”?

photo credit: Lars Plougmann via photopin cc

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9 thoughts on “10 Qualities Of A True Gentleman

  1. wow nice post, really refreshing to read about guys who still practice chivalry. This would work on me any day (if I was single!). Good luck dating and thank you!!

    • Thank your stopping by for a quick read I really appreciate your feedback! I’m glad they would work on you 🙂 I always love to see when people appreciate a gentleman. Thanks again!

  2. Really great post. This day in age it seems Chivalry is dying and it’s refreshing to see that there are still gentlemen out there who go out of their way for their Woman. Thank You!

    • Rose,

      Thank you for stopping by and thank you for your feedback I really appreciate it! 1 step at a time I hope I influence the qualities of chivalry and being a gentleman to others, so that women don’t lose faith that there are in fact great men out there.

  3. I agree 1000%. This would work on me like magic, and I am so waiting for someone to practice that magic. What chivalrous men ought to know, is that if you find the right lady, she will indeed return her respect and gratitude to you 100-fold. I surely would. The day the right chivalrous man walks into my life, he will be cared for like a treasure by me . 🙂

    • I appreciate you taking the time to read and reply. I value your insight and you’re absolutely right. With the right actions and habits, it will only be returned 100-fold making relationships that much better. Because of your outlook, the right chivalrous man will give you exactly what you’re looking for soon enough, and will also be a lucky man.

  4. Hi Jeremy,
    This is a wonderful post! I am thrilled to see it out here on the internet. I was raised to be treated like a woman and cared for with respect the way you were raised. I love that you are sharing your manners and sense of self with the public. At the end of the day, it is just plain thoughtful and makes the woman so much more in love with a man that treats her so well and with such caring. Thank you!

    • Hi Jan,

      You are very welcome and thank you for the kind words. I really appreciate you taking the time to comment and I’m happy that you see the value of being treated like a woman. I hope you enjoy my future upcoming posts!

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