5 Things You Do For Your Career That You Can Do For Your Love Life

Is your love life given as much attention as your career? I want to touch on this because so many people forget the ingredients to a very healthy relationship. It’s so easy to get distracted when you mix in the other obstacles/responsibilities that life has to throw at you. So let’s turn things around and focus on the aspects of the efforts people put into their career/money and then we’ll get back to dating and relationships.

Let’s go into the world of your career. It’s your other world where a lot of your efforts and attention are focused on. It’s where you spend a lot of your time making sure you do a good job, move up, and focus to maintain the lifestyle for your personal life.

Career efforts…

    • If you want to grow in your career, you put all your efforts in and give it 110% to exceed your goals

    • If you want your boss to love you, you give him/her extra attention, focus on all goals, and show them all the little things that you can at your job to make you exceptional

    • If you want your business to grow, you work extra hours and you don’t have limitations until the goals are done

    • If you want to make sure you don’t fail in your career, you’re constantly putting plans and strategies together to make it work

    • To advance in your career, you learn new things to increase your abilities and are always creative

Now let’s get out of that world and back into your love life. Everything I’ve listed sound like similar ingredients to a healthy love life/relationship. Just change “career” to your significant other and relate each effort to your love life instead.

People stress out and wonder why things aren’t working out or why things have gotten stale, but the solutions are hitting them smack in the face! You just have to learn how to redirect your efforts and sort out your priorities. True the healthy career will give you the money, but in the end, a healthy relationship will also give you a strong partner and genuine comfort. That is what you’re going home to after the workday. What’s the point of doing the best at work to provide for your personal life if your personal life becomes broken because of your career?

I’m not saying to fully prioritize your relationship before your career. I’m recommending that there is always a healthy balance between the two. There are ways to create that balance and I will definitely go over that in detail another post.

Go on…redirect your efforts and see how happy your significant other will be when they feel the change in attention.

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