6 Signs Your Relationship Is Exceptional

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We live in a world where people are so quick to point out what they don’t have and don’t embrace what they actually do have in their relationships. Just like everything else, it’s always good to focus on the positive rather than the negative. Sure there are lots of qualities that I can name that make a relationship great, but I’ve listed 6 that stick out for me and that have impacted my relationship.

1. The affection never feels like it is the routine thing to do

Things can get stale after the fresh honeymoon stages in dating and relationships. Sometimes life and the things that happens in relationships take a toll on not only you, but also on your natural affection where it just isn’t the same as it used to be. Some people just go with the motions with no emotions like zombies. I still get lost with my wife’s affection and love no matter what and I never leave the house in the morning without first giving my wife a kiss, even while she is asleep. My day starts better that way. I also saw an interesting relationship statistic where you live 5 years longer if you kiss your wife in the morning. Can’t hurt right?

If at the end of any day the kiss, hug, touch, and warmth of your special someone still feels like your escape from everything, then what you have is beautiful.

2. You consistently never have to doubt the relationship and trust you have with someone

It is very natural for anyone to have their guard up whether in the beginning or after some time. No one just jumps into a new relationship and is all open to anything without at least some fear. You have to be careful with that heart of yours right?

When someone comes into your life that naturally makes you let your guard down and helps you trust easily, it’s usually because something amazing has clicked.

3. Your social networking activities and actions are never brought up by your significant other

This is such a funny yet relevant sign to bring up, since so many people live through their social networking worlds. It shows how much trust there is and how insecure someone could be in general. I had an ex that would let social networking eat her alive even when it didn’t even matter. Questions like “who is she that wrote on your wall?” And “why did she end the hello with XOXO??” I mean really? If someone wrote on my wall they wrote on my wall. I didn’t do it.

If someone makes the time to check who you follow, who you comment on, what pictures you “like,” and etc., then I’d say you have a rocky road ahead of you. Now if you gave that person a reason to then I’d say that’s your problem. My wife and I never question anything we do and never have had to, because we do a great job keeping each other confident effortlessly.

4. You or your significant other can call or hang out with each other’s family/friends as if they were your own

I had a few experiences with exes where my family/friends would never think to call or hang out on their own. It wasn’t that they didn’t want to, but they just didn’t feel the warm welcoming of someone that wanted to have that level of a relationship with them. I never liked that quality. The same went for my exes not having the kind of interest to be involved with my family/friends and I definitely hated that.

You need that connection outside of just the both of your worlds. It fuses things together even more. My wife can plan a party and get my whole side of friends to completely surprise me for my birthday when she wants. I think that’s an amazing thing.

5. You can’t stay mad at each other for longer than 1 day

When someone pisses you off and I mean really pisses you off, it is so easy to stay upset at that person for days. Upset to the point where you’re just not feeling their presence, don’t care about their affection, and also can’t hear what even comes out of their mouth. If you can’t stay mad at someone longer than a few hours or at the most a day, then I’d say that person has given you the ability to have a special tolerance which is a great thing to have together.

My wife and I get into those real bad healthy arguments sometimes. Most of the time I’m like “ummm…why are fighting? This is so stupid so let’s stop” within a few hours.

6. You consistently push and encourage each other to be better

If you’re in a relationship where you’re constantly motivated about yourselves and life, then you’ve got something great on your hands. Nothing is better than having someone around that always brings out the best of you and makes you feel like the potential is limitless. Life is better when you know your partner always has your back.

I always believed in the quote that “behind every great man there is a great woman” because love is all about finding that counterpart in your life. Sure you can do things on your own, but it’s that much better when you have a partner to take the ride with you.

Let’s grow this list. What other signs have made your relationships exceptional?

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  1. Great post with some great points. These signs are definitely good indicators of a healthy relationship

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