Is dating and everything that goes along with it too complex? What about the challenges of relationships? Would you mind a little perspective? Everyone, including myself, can always use a little perspective when it comes to the challenges that the world of romance gives us. Who can blame us? It’s an emotional roller coaster!

If you believe chivalry is dead you’re in the right place. If you don’t think it’s dead, well, I still think you’re in the right place!

About this blog..

My intentions of this blog is for it to be a wealth of information and guidance. Not only to the daters on their journey to find that special someone and romantics who can appreciate it, but a journal to myself to remind me of good habits that I too can sometimes forget.

Dating and trying to find the right person can be tough there’s no doubt about that, but the journey does not end there. The relationships that are built can be even more tough. It’s not just about being in one, it’s also about keeping it alive and healthy too.

About Me..

I’m a gentleman who has always been an advocate for the hopeless romantics. I’ve always been told I’m a great storyteller and that I’m great at expressing myself. I love anything involving the world of dating, romance, relationships, and love. I have a passion for some good ol R&B Love Music and love to sing and produce it ,so I will also share some of my original work on this blog.

Why This Blog?

I’ve always been great at listening and advising when it comes to dating and relationships, so why not share? I’ve helped people come together and even stay together. Now let’s get one thing straight, I am not a professional. I just have a passion for listening, understanding, and having a great outlook when it comes to love and everything it has to offer. I’m happy with the love I have and would love for everyone to have that too. I want to share the key points of relationships that I’ve learned in my life. Not just from my own past or present experiences, but from the experiences of others that I’ve learned from too.

Now take a look inside my mind and share your thoughts too. If you want to take a page out of my book, my mind is all yours. Romance and relationships is always such a serious topic, but it’s more of an exciting journey if you learn to have fun with it.

Let me be your wing man..

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