Am I Calling First?…When??

20130917-152107.jpgThe classic concern that every man/woman has after that triumphant moment of getting the initial introduction and gaining them digits!


    Should I text first?
    Should I wait 2 or 3 days so I don’t look too eager?
    Should I find him/her on Facebook and request them?
    If I call tomorrow do I look like a psycho?
    Do I ask around and find out what he/she has said about me?
    Is it better if I wait so I can test how eager they are to get in touch with me?
    Why don’t I play a little hard to get to make them want me even more?”

Too many questions!!!!

I say this….

You have already achieved a lot by getting that number and opening up the lines of communication. You just want to make sure you create the initial contact somehow and capitalize on that. It is a case by case scenario though. It all depends on how you know the person, how much you know of the person, and how the initial introduction went. That’s it simple as that. The more thought you put into it the more unnatural it’s going to be. The more unnatural you are the more awkward the communication is going to be.

Keep it simple and be bold in not thinking too much! In short, here’s is my one and only thought process and it never failed me:

“She gave me her number for a reason, so if I don’t call her now someone else is going to.”

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