Anniversaries and Milestones With The Perfect Partner

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Time Flies…

Special occasions and milestones are prioritized, planned, and executed, and with a blink of an eye they become an amazing memory you can look back on forever. The special occasion I am reminiscing about, as my wife works her ridiculous late hours, is our wedding. In approximately 6 days my beautiful wife and I will be celebrating our 1 year Wedding Anniversary and what an amazing memory and accomplishment that became.

Because of this, I am dedicating this post to her and her qualities of being the epitome of a perfect partner.


It’s crazy how much planning came into what became such a flawless night filled with love, laughter, fun, and the unison of family and friends. The beauty of planning the wedding wasn’t just the wedding in itself, but the other milestone that we teamed up to do at the same time. With all the madness of wedding planning, we grew the strength to purchase our first home together. We had a 2 year engagement with an almost 6 to 7 month process of searching and going through the process of the wonderful world of real estate in between. Imagine that!!! After agreeing on the what we were going to do, we honestly thought we were crazy and did not know if we would survive.

I sit here and reflect upon those memories because as crazy and as stressful it became, it really made me realize the value of teamwork with the perfect person. You see, you can’t just have teamwork with just anybody. Sure you can decide to do just about anything with anyone, but if it’s not with the perfect partner, things just won’t be as special. Things also won’t go as smoothly, you can easily start to resent each other, which will in turn cause you to regret your decision.

I am fortunate enough to have found someone that fills any voids I have and the 2 years of us building the next steps to such an amazing foundation became an experience that brought us even closer. I’m reflecting on our wedding and our home, but teamwork applies to every single decision and event when it comes to relationships.

Ingredients to a perfect partnership…

1. Communication

Take the time to really sit down with your significant other and get a feel for what the both of you want. You both have to be engaged or else things are NOT going to work. You can’t have one person with different goals than the other because your priorities are going to be at different places. Once that discussion has taken place, take the time to really get to know how both of you envision everything. This takes a lot of communication and patience, because the end result has to make both of you happy.

2. Patience and selflessness

You have to be patient with each other and there is no room for being selfish. You will both hear things you don’t like and there will be ridiculous ideas and thoughts expressed, but that is what’s going to help brew up something magical.

These are 2 qualities I love about my wife. Sure she can be a firecracker sometimes, but that’s what makes her amazing and filled with passion. Her patience and selflessness made me appreciate her even more with her ability to just listen and help us compromise together.

3. Planning and research together

These need to be done together, because where one person doesn’t sense something, the other person might. You both have to experience how you feel about something and make sure you’re comfortable. Brainstorm and analyze all different scenarios when it comes to interests, goals, and finances. Don’t forget to put everything down on paper. If you don’t, you will lose great ideas that arise at the spurt of the moment.

My wife created a binder for the wedding and I created a folder for the house. Each form of organization contained a checklist, printouts of important documents, lists of vendors, and pricing to take note of when we did our research. This helped us stay organized during all of our meetings.

4. Execution of plans

Once you’re both satisfied with everything you have on paper, review all that you have accomplished, make sure that things really make sense, and then execute. Since you took the ride together, you will feel the gratification and relief after decision are made. It’s like a celebration and a breathe of fresh air after a road of ups and downs.

5. Have fun and don’t forget to love each other

This last and final ingredient alone is the true quality that marries everything together. If you both know how to have fun and not forget to express your love when doing or planning anything at all, then all plans, stressful or not, will be made into an experience worth looking back on as a milestone in your relationship.

Because of all the above ingredients, me and my wife experienced a wedding that not her, I or even our families imagined we would have. It was literally flawless with no hiccups, and my wife never became a bridezilla.

I know you are never supposed to take advantage of anything at all, but when you do have a great partner, I’d say feel free to do so. Now I don’t mean to take advantage of them in a bad way, but take advantage of the opportunity to build something beautiful with them and to never take them for granted. They are a rare breed that don’t come around too often.

My wife is my perfect partner and helps me appreciate everything I have in life, even when we at times fall into the norm of wanting more.

I also want to thank Key Music Group for their expertise in the hosting, music, and entertainment for our wedding.Thank you Sachi Villareal for capturing some amazing photos that will last a lifetime.

So what about all of you out there? What ingredients help your relationship become a perfect partnership?

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