Dancing: A Connection Without Words


The week is over. You look forward to unwinding after a long week filled with work and the responsibilities of life.

What’s one of the best ways to unwind while at the same time being one of the best ways to pick up a man or woman? Grab a few friends, pick a nice place, and go dancing. True some people just don’t like to dance, are too shy, or just aren’t good at it, but it really is an amazing way to meet someone. Why? Here are a few reasons why….

• You can see how the person moves

Are they confident? Do they seem sure of themselves? You can see this in someone’s body language while dancing. It’s just sexy when someone is comfortable and confident in their own skin. Watching them open up to show off some skill that doesn’t require brains. Just straight body language. When someone is tight, closed off, and afraid to open up, it’s just too awkward and you will just how awkward they are through dancing.

• You can see if that person has rhythm

You ever just look at someone while they dance and bob their head to the music to ask yourself “What song are they listening to???” In your mind you’re like…

20131018-175509.jpgIt’s not sexy and I don’t know about you, but that drives me crazy. I love when I know I can dance to every style and rhythm of music with someone.

• No talking is needed at all because your bodies are communicating with each other

Whether the song is slow or fast, body language through dance is so sexy and intimate. It helps the both of you see where the chemistry is without words. No thoughts needed and no feelings attached, just the love for music and the love to feel free to dance.

• You break down the sexual awkwardness

When you and the person you’re dancing with finally have a groove going, you start to now develop a real sensual chemistry. It becomes easy to envision the sexual side of someone. This is a great thing. That sexual awkwardness is somewhat broken down where you welcome a little more physical body language. It’s nice to realize the sexual connection with someone early.

I loved meeting women dancing. Dancing was just one of my strengths when going out. It was a way for me to really break down awkward barriers and to get a feel for the sensual side of someone without the whole nervousness of thinking about what to say. Let our bodies talk now and we’ll see if we want to exchange words later.


I saw this woman once at a lounge from across the room. She looked so sexy with how she was dancing to the beat of the song. So confident and sexy. You can tell she was the life of the group. When we finally danced, we didn’t stop dancing for the rest of the time we were there. Not a lot of words were exchanged and there was no awkwardness whatsoever. There was no need for the exchange of words because our bodies were effortlessly communicating. She was so good at dancing that I remember saying to myself, “damn I think I met my match!” We finally exchanged numbers before she left and exchanged words the next day.

She is now my wife…

Dancing wedding love passion
Image Credit: Sachi Villareal

Like I said, it is not for everyone. Some people couldn’t care less if someone was good at dancing. It’s just an amazing way to 1.) unwind and let lose and 2.) really get to know someone without talking. If you’re shy, I briefly discussed how you can break the ice to work your way in asking him or her to dance. Wherever it is that you are where people are dancing, it’s a way to just let loose with someone and not be afraid to have fun, because everyone around you is doing the same.

photo credit: Robby Mueller via photopin cc
photo credit: Alex E. Proimos via photopin cc

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