Family & Friends: Relationships That Need To Be Maintained


Thanksgiving is here and I sit reflecting upon everything that I truly am thankful for. The funny thing is that I, and basically everyone in this world, can easily take the time to reflect upon what we are thankful for every single day, but it sometimes takes a special occasion or a life event for us to do so. It’s just easier when you have a day off. It gives you a moment without being in the middle of all the distractions that prevent you from important catch up time with your thoughts.

I’m thankful for many things. My wife, our new home, my health, and my career are among many things. Something I’m truly thankful for, and what I’m focusing on today as a topic, are the relationships I maintain with my family and friends. Those are relationships that are also truly invaluable to anyone, since they are the relationships that are the foundation to anyone’s life.

When it comes to life and all the relationships we develop in it, people often find it so hard to find a balance when it comes to prioritizing their relationships with their significant others as well as with their family and friends. It’s tough to find that happy medium. Some people work so hard to find that special someone and when they do, they tend to put that person first, causing the other people in their life to be put in the back burner.

What’s the problem with wrong prioritization??

You can very well end up completely alone or with just one outlet; that one outlet being your new relationship. Just like anything else, you can’t put everything in one basket and anything can happen. Some people tend to develop that comfort level thinking “well, they are my family/friends, so no matter what, they will always be there for me.” That’s not the case all the time.

Family and friends can grow distant just as you have and will develop that “well where were you?” mentality or the “oh…now you’re reaching out to me” attitude. They will become harder to reach just as you have been. No one should go down that route and no one should have just one outlet. It just keeps you more sane when you know you can always reach out and escape to your other outlets.

It’s tough to prioritize, but maintaining relationships with family and friends doesn’t mean you have to completely spend all the time in the world and make big plans with them and it doesn’t mean you have to insult your significant other either. It can be as easy as these 2 simple steps to maintain important relationships.


Always make the quick effort to stay in touch..

Staying in touch is just as simple as a quick phone call or a quick text. No one is telling you to spend hours to take people away from what they are doing or for you to get away from what you are doing. It’s just nice to tell someone the new things you have been up to and for you to know what your family and friends are or have been up to. No one is too busy for that and if people are important to you, there’s always time. You go too long without doing that and it becomes harder to get in touch and catch up.


Plan out quick meet-ups..

Whether it’s just for coffee, some appetizers with some beers, or a quick visit to each other’s homes, put the effort in to make time to for quick meet-ups. It’s always great to have some catch up time with some face time too. I don’t think I’m alone when I think seeing a familiar face can be such a relief. If time is an issue, think about how often you find yourself stuck at home just watching tv or just killing time. That could have been a few minutes of time you could have organized a quick meet-up.

People always think it takes too much out of them when all it takes is just a few minutes. A good example of just how quick catch up time could be is a recent run in with a good friend of mine at the mall. She just happened to be shopping that day and my wife and I ended up talking to her for almost 20 minutes. We caught up on what we’ve missed and what was new. Mind you, this is a friend that we used to talk to all the time and sadly probably haven’t spoken to since our wedding. With just 20 minutes, we were back on the same page and plan on having dinner soon. That was by accident, but how easy would that have been if it was a quick arranged meet-up without having almost a year go by?

Anything can happen. Find that happy medium when prioritizing your relationships and find many ways to also fuse both together. Are their family and friends going to be there for you if things don’t work out? That usually isn’t the case. Your family and friends will be there for you whether you have that special someone in your life or not. How close they will stay is all up to how much effort you put in to maintain the relationship you have with them.

Have you ever been in a relationship where you focused only on your new relationship? What about someone you know? What was yours or their experience like?

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