Let’s Take Communication Back To The Old School


Wow has communication changed!!

I always say, communication is such an important quality to have.The world has changed so much though, digitally and socially! It has become easier yet less intimate and harder to read. Now you can text, tweet, follow, like, poke, mention, wall post, tag and etc. I’m probably missing some options! Your smartphone is getting all the love from your damn thumbs or index finger!

The world just works with how technology has changed though

Don’t get me wrong, technology is amazing and I’m a big user of the digital world, but I definitely miss the good ol days. To be able to just call, leave each other nice voicemails, or even send a nice voice message through a pager. It kept you on your toes and you had something to look forward to. I can definitely understand if some people reading this will end up saying “Really???? When was that?” Well…yup that’s how it was at some time in life. Nowadays, rather than having the most minutes on your cell plan, it’s about the data and text plan.

When a relationship is fresh and you really need to get to know someone, keep it simple!

Be old school and pick up the phone. The human voice is so much more captivating. You get to grasp the emotion of the other person with no guessing.

I consider my wife a great example

When I first met her, sure I texted her initially right after she gave me her number in return for hers and that was just so she had my number. I mean why not? We danced for hours straight. What did I do the next day? I called her and invited her to go out with me the next night. Did she want to? Of course not right away because she just met me and didn’t know what my intentions were yet. My solution was to stay on the phone with her and let her get to know me as much as possible for almost 6 hours. That built the trust she needed to go out with me and get a feel for my personality through my voice. We had an amazing time with my friends and we’ve been together since.

Things are always easier after a foundation is built

After the relationship has built a nice foundation and you’re both able to read each other easier, go all out on the easier lines of communication. Texting is great, but if it’s the only way you enjoy that other person, maybe there’s something wrong with your connection with them.

Let that marinate, go back to the basics, pick up the phone, and have some nice intimate time on it. Trust me it’s just healthier.

Have you ever experienced a date or relationship where the best and only way to get in touch with that person was digitally? How did that make you feel?

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