Love To Date or Date To Love??

20130917-144349.jpgThe reason I ask this is because so many people out there get so bent out of shape when it comes to dating and a lot of it has to do with the expectations that people have.

There are so many people that love to be out there dating and just love the dating scene as a whole. Trust me I know how that is. The adrenaline is pumping while you’re getting out there, meeting people, and going places. Having a story to tell about who you were out with last night, this morning, or even all weekend can be such a high. It’s something to talk about amongst friends comparing your adventures and success, but eventually it gets tiring.
This is a blog about quality not quantity and not for the people that love to just date, but for the people that date to find love and build.

All the fun that comes with dating is great and all, but if your priority is just that, you will feel what I felt and what many people feel…..


So before you become one of the other million people that get bent out of shape from dating,
this is what I recommend…

Decide what you really want. Do you want to just date and play that game, or date to find love? Once you figure that out your expectations will be better set, it’ll be easier on your heart, and easier on your pocket. There’s no sense in going through so much and sacrificing so much time to be by yourself at the end of the day with no one to recap your life events with.

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