Money & Looks Doesn’t Win Them All


So many people get so bent out of shape about image that it ruins their confidence when getting out there and meeting people. If you ask me, it’s just another way of being preoccupied with the wrong things. Being blessed with natural looks and money is great and all, but it’s only half the battle. Actually, it’s probably less than half the battle. What really matters is what’s going on in between them ears of yours and also what goes on in your heart. Looks and money definitely make things easier, but you have to ask yourself, “what’s behind that image?” Like a nice looking book, is there great content on the inside to back up that eye catching cover?

Status and image are everything to some people. I’ve dated a few of those types and it gets boring fast. The beauty doesn’t last long because there is no substance on the inside fueling that great image they prioritize on having. Knowing how much it mattered to be well rounded, I played 2 sides of the fence, where I worked on my image (being presentable), but more importantly, I worked harder on my personality. You see, I was thrown some financial challenges in my life years ago where it made it hard for me to really be confident about going out there to meet and date. I didn’t have any fancy place to bring someone home to nor did I have the resources to always be on top of the best fashion or go to the most elegant places. I managed well, made my challenges my strengths, changed my thought process, and have everything I can want right now. I have a wife, a great career, and a beautiful home to build our future. If you have a well rounded balance, you’re chances are just as good, maybe even stronger, than the shallow ones out there in the world.

Since, money and looks doesn’t win them all what does? I touched on a few when I described the principles of running a good game, but here are some key aspects:

• Always be confident – There is nothing sexier than some good ol confidence

• Be presentable – Be clean, current, appealing, and never flashy

• Have a sense of humor – Make them laugh. It’s addicting to laugh and smile

• Having genuine passions for things –  This makes you interesting and memorable and helps them to be intrigued by you

• Communication – Captivate them with some good conversations and story telling. Again, you want them to be intrigued by you

The confidence and sense of style is the cover to your book to get them interested. Your genuine passions, story telling, and sense of humor is the content that will keep them wanting to open up the book for more.

Sure it might not be as easy as having someone go out with you based on your looks, but remember that gets old and those are the relationships that end the fastest. You don’t want any part of that life and you should be happy you’re one of the ones that will actually make it interesting for someone.

Not everybody looks like someone from the cover of a magazine and not everybody comes from a background of money. You might have to work harder than those types, but this is my mentality…The ones that you do meet and find a connection with are the ones that are going to be worthwhile. You will feel more rewarded because of the effort you put into it and you will make the other person feel more rewarded because of your interesting content. It works out for everyone and trust me it’s worth the patience and effort.

What are some experiences you have had where looks and money seemed to rule the world?

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