Why The Nice Guy Finishing Last Is A Winner


So you think that being the nice guy finishing last is the end of the world? You sit around being the nice guy wondering why the so called “A**HOLES” and players of the world get all the action. You end up wanting to change. Well you might disagree with me, but surprisingly, it’s not a bad thing to be the nice guy. As a matter of fact, it’s actually an amazing thing.

If you’re someone that lost an opportunity with a girl for being that nice guy, change your mentality, smile, and feel pretty damn good about yourself. You’ve just lost a waste of your time.

I know I know, you’re probably not looking at it that way. It’s probably easier said than done to have that kind of mentality, because losing anything can always bring you down right? It takes a lot of patience and thick skin to be the nice guy; trust me I know from experience.I’m not going to sit here and say I never had moments when I felt down, but I definitely did a good job in balancing out my thoughts to try and see the good in anything. That’s the Libra in me. You just have to keep it moving.

I’ve had women lie to me, cheat on me, and leave me for someone else. All very huge reasons to have a negative outlook on dating and relationships. Did that ever stop me from keeping it moving on to the next? Of course not.

Negativity is just a state of mind
That’s something you must understand. Master that and you will always have the ability to see the positives in anything, especially in losing opportunities with women. You have to learn to have that mentality that it is the other person’s loss. If you dwell you will be left behind.

So what does being the nice guy finishing last do for you?

• It helps you filter out what’s NOT right for you
It’s pretty refreshing when you can finally start to have that kind of mentality. To just keep it moving knowing that it didn’t work for a reason. That something better is out there for you. This mentality will not only save you hours on top of hours of time possibly wasted on someone undeserving, but it can also save you your emotion and lots of money.

When you can filter out who will deserve the gentleman in you, you will learn to be more picky and develop a better standard for yourself. No matter how hard it is to find someone, no one needs to be too picky and everyone needs to have a set of standards.

The nice guys who finish last tend to adjust their standards and start to settle. There is no need for that. You’re fine the way you are and a woman out there will appreciate what you have to offer.

Yes lots of women will more than likely be more attracted to a bad boy. Let’s face it it’s just the way things go sometimes, so I will eventually go over how to be the nice guy as well as having some bad boy features. That’s a force not to be reckoned with.

• You become every girls’ escape/vacation from what they “think” they want
When I say what they “think” they want, I mean looks no brains, muscles no personality, and out with the “A**HOLES” and in with the nice guys. You become desirable. You become a hot commodity. Rather than the men who treat women like another notch on their belt or another cool story to tell, there’s you, the man who is willing to treat women the way they deserve to be treated. Do you know how many times I’ve heard women say “I think what I need right now is a nice guy.” There’s a big market for you nice guys out there.

The patience and thick skin you develop will let the “A**HOLES” do all the work for you and get the women ready for a man like you.

So what have we learned?

Being the nice guy works in your favor. The bad boys, as much as they tend to get more opportunity, do some work for you and actually help you. Lastly, you have to find the positive in all the negative, to help you to keep it moving.

As a refresher, circle back to my other quick reads to always:
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Ok my amazing readers, please tell me some success stories on how you being the nice guy worked in your favor. How did it help you win in a situation? Please also tell me how it made you lose in a situation and how you overcame it? I would love your feedback.

photo credit: Länsmuseet Gävleborg via photopin cc

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