3 Valuable Reasons To Express Your Feelings At Any Moment


Never be closed off…Be open, be verbal, and be expressive with your feelings to your special someone. The emotional impact can move mountains.

There are many moments where random emotions can come across an individual’s mind when thinking about their special someone. Be it when a song comes on, when you’re passing a memorable spot, when they are sitting right next to you, or even for no reason at all. Don’t let another moment like that pass you by without expressing exactly what is going through your mind. Why? You never know what kind of impact you’re making at that given moment. You never know when you’re going to have that thought again. Take it another notch deeper; you never know when you will have the chance to share that spontaneous, sincere, heart-grown thought again with that special someone. It’s those vulnerable moments when you just open up and express yourself that causes that someone in your life to truly feel your genuine emotions for them. Those moments my friends, are forever priceless.

Some people say “I’m not built like that,” “the words don’t come out smoothly,” “I sound or feel stupid when I try to express myself,” or “they know how I feel I don’t have to tell them.” All of those excuses are exactly just that…..EXCUSES; nothing more nothing less.

No matter if you’re not built like that, you’re human and you’re still going to feel a certain way about someone. Well…that someone deserves to hear how you feel; not just know. Even if you think the words won’t come out smoothly, the person on the other end isn’t taking tabs on how smooth the words came out. They are appreciating that they even came out to begin with. So you think you’re going to sound stupid? If it comes out clumsy or awkward, most times that’s a true sign of you being real, rather than rehearsed and unnatural. You’d be surprised how many people think that it’s cute that way. The clumsiness and the fumbling of words often times makes that moment more memorable and creates something to smile about. That smile will last in their memory as a moment. Lastly, if you feel that you don’t have to say anything because it’s enough that they know how you feel, you’re all types of wrong and that’s just a terrible misconception. That misconception is a huge reason people have doubt in their relationships and develop insecurities due to neglect. Always always always express how you feel about them! There are no limits to how much you express your feelings, but there is a limit to how much you neglect them from that special someone. You don’t want to neglect your way into a breakup.

I’ll sum this up with the 3 valuable reasons to express your feelings at any moment in your relationship. Then you can make the decision on if it’s worth it.

  • The Spontaneity – Being spontaneous doesn’t require gifts or anything material. Catching them by surprise at any moment with heartfelt words is a gift in itself. The words can flatter them which then helps bring their guard down. The words will resonate in their mind making them feel as special as they deserve to feel at that moment. Wouldn’t you want your words to be the reason they had a beautiful day or the reason their bad day suddenly turned beautiful? It’s all about making an impact.
  • The Vulnerability – To many people, being vulnerable is a sign of weakness, but it truly is a sign of strength and confidence not only in yourself, but in your partner as well. As long as you show that you are vulnerable and not too prideful to express how you feel, it’ll help that special someone see the real you and connect with you better. It’s a scary thing to be vulnerable for sure because it can open you up to get hurt, but on the other side of the coin, not being vulnerable can close opportunities for relationships to move forward. There are truly so many benefits for being vulnerable.
  • The Sincerity – Nothing is going to be more sincere than being open and expressive with them at any moment with your true heart-grown feelings. There is no rehearsal, no reason, and no expectation needed. Just what comes from the heart in however way it comes out. Anyone can sense when someone isn’t being sincere and that definitely hurts anyone’s confidence towards their relationship. Your special someone will appreciate the sincerity you show to them for sure and this will ultimately help fight off current doubts as well as any potential future doubts of how they think you feel about them.

The next time you’re thinking about their smile, proud of an accomplishment they achieve, turned on by the way they look or act, or just randomly thinking about them and how much of an impact it is to have them in your life, say something. Express yourself and don’t hold feelings back. Focus on those 3 valuable reasons to express yourself at any moment and you will have yourself a more positive counterpart.


photo credit: love birds via photopin (license)

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