“Thank You”….Just As Powerful As “I Love You”

Thankful Appreciation

If you’ve been in a serious relationship for a while or even if you’ve just started dating someone, you know there is a huge impact in telling that special someone you love them or how you feel about them. Saying the normal “I love you,” “I miss you,” and “you are my everything” is and always will be impactful, but those words can get very routine and be the norm of what is expected to be said.

Imagine hearing that special someone tell you they love you consistently when things are new and fresh. Exciting right? You can’t get enough of it. A little time passes by and the words are used so much causing them to eventually turn into words of normalcy. Saying it when you go to bed, when you part ways before work, or when you’re getting off the phone. It becomes the substitute of “I’ll talk to you later,” “have a good day,” or simply….”bye.” There is nothing wrong with that at all, but it loses it’s impact. It loses its butterfly in the stomach, warm, and cozy effect. People naturally want to be loved, but to feel praised, important, and appreciated is even more impactful. Take the the time say thank you. Say thank you not only just for the normal things either, but for things that even your special someone isn’t thinking about.

Take the time to say “Thank You,” but also thank them for:

  • Choosing you
  • Learning You
  • Understanding you
  • Trusting you
  • Believing in you
  • Creating and experiencing the highs in life with you 
  • Struggling and fighting through the lows in life with you
  • Their good and fun times that make you smile
  • Even the bad times where you fight, but fight through them back to the smiles and laughter, showing that you can persevere together
  • Pushing you to your full potential to be the best that you can be
  • Simply loving you 

Get out of the norm and go the extra mile for your special someone to make them feel as appreciated as they deserve to feel. The praise and appreciation will only strengthen your bond together. Studies have found that gratitude and believing that your partner values you, directly influences how you behave in your relationship/marriage, as well as your levels of commitment. Expressing to your special someone how much you appreciate them on top of loving them will only create a ripple effect for more positive things to happen. Both of you will be more willing to do more positive things for one another. There isn’t anything wrong with a little positive momentum is there? At least I don’t think so!  Please let me know of a time where saying “Thank You” and expressing your appreciation for them created the impact your relationship needed.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!!

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