The Dating Challenge

20130917-142919.jpgWhy do I reference dating to be a challenge? It’s because that’s what people make it out to be. Putting too much thought into things like how it’s supposed to go, how they are supposed to feel, or what they are supposed to expect from it. That’s the main problem…the word “supposed.” But why? It’s dating not marriage! Yes the initial components of dating are challenging like how, when, and where do you meet someone and what happens after that. We’ll take care of that.

Here’s what I think dating should really be about:

  • Getting out there and having a proper way that is
  • Developing your social side
  • Finding yourself and discovering what triggers the best qualities of yourself
  • Creating friends or at least a good foundation with who you are meeting
  • Eliminating fear
  • Having no expectations until there’s a reason to have expectations

That’s it simple as that. Once you’ve been dating someone and you’re moving forward, here are the stages to expect:

  • Breaking the Ice Stage – This involves searching for someone, introductions to people, and meeting people
  • Getting to know Stage – This stage is so easy and yet so tricky. It’s so easy to ask questions and put yourself out there, but its also so easy to scare and intimidate someone
  • Progression Stage – Once you get to know someone and they start qualifying, things start moving forward and getting more serious. Friends/family are met, personal life is shared, and expectations are developed. Tricky tricky tricky!
  • Honeymoon Stage – Not much to explain here it speaks for itself. Everything is beautiful, amazing, fun, sexy, breathtaking, romantic,
    and this is where your in the clouds with nothing bringing you down.
  • Harvesting Stage – This is a stage that takes a lot of communication and easy effort if maintained early. As a relationship reaches it’s serious path to long commitments and marriage, this is where you don’t forget what brought you two together and always keep things brand new. Some people think this stage is tough because they just want love, lust, and romance without thinking about how to keep things fresh. The whole “I got this already” mentality. This is an important stage and a stage that needs to be practiced early before things go bad. If you had a garden with important crops, you harvest your crops and maintain them. Same goes for your love life!

Dating is simple if you treat it that way. You’re not getting married tomorrow after your first date and you won’t figure everything about the other person right away. Keep it simple and it won’t be as much of a challenge.

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