Yes…The Little Things Are Important

I’ve discussed dating a little already, but definitely wanted to touch on a very important topic. When it comes to relationships, I can’t stress it enough how important it is to keep things brand new. What do I mean by brand new? Excitement, humor, romance, surprises, being thoughtful, and just doing the little things. The little things in the world are the simple yet most impacting things in any relationship. Everyone is human and everyone loves reassurance no matter how long they have been together.

What are some examples of some little things you can do? That list can take forever, but let’s name just a few.

• How about leaving a small note every now and then to remind him/her how you feel.
• When it comes to food, you can surprise them with their favorite snacks or sweets or even cook one of their favorite meals
• Send a mid-day message to express how you feel…That always puts a nice twist to a busy day
• A reservation to a favorite restaurant is always a guarantee, because nothing is better than having your favorite dish and dessert right??
• A back/foot rub after a long day always makes anyone happy.

All of the things I mentioned are tiny little things that don’t take too much time yet always have the magic effect of a smile or a good laugh. Everyone needs one of those every now and then wouldn’t you agree? It’s the power of a tiny smile or laugh that not only turns a terrible day into a beautiful day, but also reminds your special someone that the love is still there and that someone is thinking about them.


Life in general can be so busy and can make anyone get bogged down and distracted from certain priorities. No one is perfect and I can vouch for myself that I am a prime example of someone that can lose myself with work and the everyday stress in life. There is always time to regroup and focus on what’s important. Work and the stress in life should not come first. Your love and family are what’s there for you at the end of the day. Never let them forget why the both of you are together in the first place.

Always remember…a happy home creates a happy atmosphere, which in turn can create the drive and positive effect in your success in life.

What are some of the little things you guys do when it comes to keeping the fire lit? I always love learning what other people do.

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